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The Natural Oak Company - committed to creating living buildings that blend equally beautifully with historic, traditional and contemporary settings.

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Each structure we build is unique, like a fingerprint, that's why we incorporated one in our company logo!

Whether a bespoke design or from our standard range, no two pieces of oak we use in construction are the same in shape or character. Our designs can be tailored to suit every type of house, from contemporary to traditional.

The Natural Oak Company hand makes every conservatory and garden room, using traditional carpentry skills that have been passed down from medieval times. You see the whole construction because traditional framing is exposed and we even hand-make all the pegs. Everything is on show and because we use carefully selected green oak, the finished product is a living structure.

The Natural Oak Company has a specialist team of carpenters and has an excellent background, having worked with the National Trust on rebuild and restoration projects of rustic buildings. The work of Mike Stanmore, the owner, has won a Highly Commended Award by the Historic Gardens Trust. With skills and standards like these, The Natural Oak Company can guarantee a stunning result.

Oak is such a strong, beautiful and natural material, it makes a sympathetic addition to a traditional or historic house. It also becomes an excellent statement piece and investment for a contemporary home.